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Number 269
A Labor of Love...
October 9, 2003

Dear Friends,

On the home front...

Got a call from
The White House
last Friday expressing
President Bush's
best wishes and recognition
for all the hard work,
but said he was unable
to attend
The Ohio State Halftime Show.

Then tomorrow,
Mr. Lincoln will fly with the Angels,
"The Blue Angels"
that is...

Scheduled time is 2:45 pm.

Should be exciting!!

Film at 11...

now on to a short history lesson.

As you may know,
The Lincoln Highway
was America's
First Transcontinental Highway,
running 3400 miles
from New York City to San Francisco.

It was founded in 1913...

by Carl Fisher,
President of Prest-o-lite,
and founder of
The Indianapolis 500
Miami Beach.

as a Memorial to Abraham Lincoln...

with President Woodrow Wilson
as the first member...

and announced by proclamation
on September 14, 1913,
passing through
13 States
and over
450 towns and cities.

For the first time...

America was linked together
East with West
as never before,
and thousands...

joined together
in this
"Great Undertaking."

For more information on
The Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives,
Click Here

For how it became
"A Way of Life"

Click Here

Leading the crusade...

Henry B. Joy,
President of Packard Motor Cars
The Lincoln Highway Association.

This is his call to action...

and his
Loving Tribute...

"To aid in advancing the evolution
of the Lincoln Way,
either by gift of effort,
is to serve the nation as a whole.

It is a work to which all can lend aid
and derive the benefit in return
and experience the golden satisfaction of a duty well done.

The work of broadening,
straightening, maintaining and beautifying
this memorial road
will be a
labor of love
by a patriotic people."

And so it is,
and so it shall be...

Warmest Regards,


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