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Number 268
Fire Departments Everywhere...
October 9, 2003

Dear Friends,

I'm back...

And only 21 days left to
"Light Around the World"

The plan is of course
for all the Fire Departments on
The Lincoln Highway

New York to San Francisco
and around the world
to join in the celebration of
The 90th Anniversary of
The Dedication of the Lincoln Highway.

The goal being
to kick-off
a six year series of celebrations
The Lincoln Highway
"The Centerpiece"
The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial in 2009,
and to honor the victims
of September 11th
and the 343 Firemen
who lost their lives.

"The Master List"
compiled during the trip,
with all the
Fire Chiefs,
and Newspapers,
complete with their phone,
fax and email addresses
fell off the truck
in Placerville, California
and was never returned.

What to do??
What to do??

Don't know about you,
in my mind,
there was only one thing
to do...

So spent the last week
with my
"Nose to the Grindstone",
and put together a complete list
of all the Fire Departments on
The Lincoln Highway.

And so,
I'm happy to report,
their is now an unbroken link
of over 317 Fire Departments on
The Lincoln Highway
New York City to San Francisco.

During the process,
I spoke with either
The Fire Chief,
or one of the Firemen,
and am happy to say
everyone had fond memories of
"The Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
and pledged to do their part.

It was quite a thrill
to speak with everyone again,
and brought many a tear to my eye.

The Chief in Edison, NJ said,
"Sure I remember...
even have a picture of
"The Spirit"
on my desk."

Can you believe it???

That was over 3 years ago!!

And so let's welcome,
our newcomers
to the email list.

I'm going to do a
short multi-part update
to bring everyone up to speed.

It's an edited version
of the information sent to
all 14 Governors of
The Lincoln Highway States
requesting a suitable
October 31, 2003
Lincoln Highway Proclamation.

Feel free to forward
to your friends
Fire Departments

Warmest Regards,


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