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Number 267
Mr. Lincoln's Ride with The Angels...
September 29, 2003

Dear Friends,

It's getting to be that time,
"Light Around the World"
is only 32 days away...

Working on the final details
with the FDNY now,
so should have something shortly.

Getting ready to wrap things up
and head to LA and parts East...

so decided to get this shot
with Mr. Lincoln
looking out my back door.

Had most of it packed away,
then got the urge...

turned my back
and look what happened.

It represents about 90%
of the copies and research
I've collected in the last year.

The piles are almost
4 feet tall,
so figure with everything else
there's a good 9 feet of research.

Let's see that's roughly
27,000 copies!!

Don't even want to think
about what that cost.

In other news...

Mr. Lincoln
has been given
"Thumbs Up"
to fly
The Blue Angels

Fleet Week
October 8-12.

Should be pretty exciting!!

Now if the Union Pacific
would come through,
sure would make things a lot easier.

You might recall
the first
Fleet Week
was in September of 1919...

when the Land Fleet met the Sea Fleet.

The Land Fleet was of course
The Lincoln Highway Army Convoy.

Seemed like
"The Perfect Time"
and all the pieces fell into place,
so stay tuned for
Mr. Lincoln's ride with the Angels.

Warmest Regards,


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