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Number 266
If and When...
September 29, 2003

Dear Friends,

Frank Seiberling,
was very familiar
with the power of ideas,
and the realm of possibilities...

as he so clearly states
in this tribute letter to
Carl Fisher...

"All human progress is based on ideas-
ideas conceived in the minds of single individuals-
transmitted to others-
developed and executed into concrete,
living realities."

The purpose of these emails
has been to take these ideas,
roll them around,
show you how they work
and where we go from here.

Over the next 6 years,
the realm of possibilities is endless.

Here's just a sampling...

90th Anniversary
The Lincoln Highway.

In 1914 Lincoln Highway Officials
dipped the rear wheel of a 1914 Saxon
in the Hudson River at Coney Island,
filled a canteen full of water
and began the 3400 mile journey
to San Francisco.

There they drove the front wheels
into the Pacific and emptied
the canteen thus christening
The Lincoln Highway.

Plans call for a similar trip
using a 1914 Saxon
Fire Chief's Car
and stopping at Fire Stations
similar to the trip in the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way".

80th Anniversary
Lincoln Highway Campaign Tour

Possible Presidential
Lincoln Highway Campaign Tour.
Have a non-partisan tour
featuring both candidates.

90th Anniversary
Motorcycle Relay
Washington DC-San Francisco

In the summer of 1915
the War Department sponsored
a Motorcycle Relay
to demonstrate the use of motorcycles
to carry military dispatches.
President Wilson started the relay
from the steps of the capital
with a dispatch for
Charles Moore,
President of the Panama-Pacific Exhibition.
137 Riders took part in the week long
relay riding Harley's and Indian's

Plans call for a re-enactment
of this event with a special
Lincoln Highway Chopper
leading with other
Orange County Choppers along for the ride.

Celebrities could ride different legs,
with others bikers joining in
along the way.

90th Anniversary
1915 Film and Flag Tour

"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
Rides again
collecting pennies for
The World's Largest Penny Statue.

French Citroen
Lincoln Highway Road Rally
New York to San Francisco.

Plans call for a rally

similar to their trip in 2002.

The Spirit of the Lincoln Way
escorted them across
The Golden Gate Bridge...

then took these photos at vista point.
This is Mr. Lincoln and me with the Director.

90th Anniversary
Anita King Trip

Film Star Anita King
was the first person male for female
to travel across the Lincoln Highway alone.

Plans call for a re-enactment
with possible Hollywood participation.

Great Race
Lincoln Highway Road Rally

In 1915 and 1916
a number of cross country relays
and events were held.

Plans call for a catch all event
to tie in with possible
L.B. Miller Record run of 1926.

90th Anniversary
Betsy Ross Memorial Flag Pole

Plans call for new Flag pole
to go up
July 4th 2007

90th Anniversary
The Goodyear Wingfoot Express
First Transcontinental Truck Line

Plans call for Transcontinental
Lincoln Highway Tour...

with possible blimp escort.

80th Anniversary
L.B Miller
Coast to Coast
and Return

Plans call for a re-enactment
of this historic Chrysler trip.

80th Anniversary
Boy Scout Safety Tour
Boy Scout Markers...

Plans call for re-enactment
of Boy Scout Tour
and reposting...

of 3400 Markers
for Lincoln Bicentennial.

90th Anniversary
1919 First Army Transcontinental Convoy

Plans call for re-enactment
to start at the White House...

as the finale to Lincoln Bicentennial...

and end in Lincoln Park
for Fleet Week
and possible re-enactment
of 1919 first Transcontinental Air Race.


A lot going on,
but I can pull it off
like a walk in the park
with the proper exposure.

It's all set,
the foundation is laid,
so it's just a question of,
if and when.

Warmest Regards,


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