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Number 265
The Next Level...
September 29, 2003

Dear Friends,

So you can see,
my hands have been tied
pretty much since day one.

Last month,
TNT ran
"Pay it Forward"
several nights in a row
and I had a chance to take notes.

The central theme,
was of course
a class project
the realm of possibilities
which exist here.

Meaning inside
each and every one of us.

The goal being,
to become
"Global Thinkers"
and make an attempt
to interact with the world,
by thinking of an idea to
"Change the World"
and then
put it into practice.

So when Trevor,
decides the world basically sucks,
he takes the bull by the horns
and introduces a plan called
"Pay it Forward"
to see if it would really change.

The idea being to
"Pay it Forward"
by doing three things
to fix something or a person
which only you can do.

But it has to be really huge.

This in turn produces
three others,
which in turn produces
three others,
and pretty soon
it's exponential.

Which in many respects,
is what
"The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age"
is all about.

One day I found myself
in a unique situation to,
"Pay it Forward"
and took the necessary steps
to interact with the world
and put it into practice.

Along the way,
there have been
thousands who have
answered the call and
"Paid it Forward"
as only they could do.

It's taken 7 years,
but the foundation,
is finally set
and now it's time
to take it
to the next level.

Warmest Regards,


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