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Number 262
The Jury's Still Out
September 28, 2003

Dear Friends,

A good reporter,
can smell a story a mile away...

There's too much fluff,
not enough meat,
and no follow through.

Now that we have that straight,
we can move on...

Hard to believe,
but many times,
is the right answer.

It's the toughest
one to call,
because many times
it takes awhile
to gain perspective,
and see
the forest for the trees.

So we must always
hold final judgment
until the fat lady sings.

Case in point...
The Hotel in Galion.

Had the sale gone through,
all my energy
would have been tied up in that,
and most likely the museum
would not have been built.

Which in turn would mean,
no Fire Truck,
no Inaugural Parade,
etc, etc, etc.

So in hind sight,
while frustrating at the time,
it appears this was the correct scenario
to get us from point A to point B.

But remember,
without the Hotel
as the catalyst,
there would be no
Lincoln Highway Museum
or anything else for that matter.

now that we've come this far,
it's difficult to completely abandon the idea,
and not take a second look
and see if the original vision
can still be made manifest.

In addition,
you have
the wrestling match
with the Park Service
over pictures in front of the
Lincoln Memorial.

Had they said yes,
we wouldn't have this shot...

and the wonderful story of
"The Lincoln Day Star of Peace"
that goes along with it.

And finally,
The Union Pacific,
and Mr. Lincoln's Unfulfilled Dream...

Guess the jury's still out
on this one.

Warmest Regards,


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