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Number 259
Just Sitting Here on That Sack of Seeds
September 28, 2003

Dear Friends,

The trick is figuring out
which one it is.

The first is easy,
just pull back,
check your signals
then go back
full speed ahead.

The second is the same,
but might require
some time on the bench.

The third,
is always the toughest
and takes a while
to get your bearings.

As is the forth,
because you don't want to
wave too soon.

Like I said,
the first two are easy,
because most times
the second try
opens the door
and then it's smooth sailing
from there.

The third and fourth
require some effort.

Most are the result of
not listening,
being too busy,
not allowing the proper access,
or what I call
"The Barking Dog Syndrome".

The first two
you just keep plugging,
but the barking dog
can be tough.

While there are lots of ways,
"The Root Cause"
is the real issue.

Why would a person
put up fences and
not want to speak with you.

Boggles the mind,
because it can be so easy.

Case in point,

Back in 1996,
on the first trip to San Francisco,
I took the southern route home
via Branson, MO.

Wanting to fully experience
the Branson nightlife,
I went to a show.

Jim Stafford...

You remember,
"Spiders and Snakes..."

It was a wonderful show,
and during intermission he
did something
I've never seen before.

He Granted Access...
and said,
"If anyone wants an autograph,
or just wants to talk,
come on down.

No managers,
no handlers,
just Jim Stafford,
sitting there on the stage.

It really took me back...

With that single statement,
he created a bond with the audience
and taught a lesson we can all learn from.

If given the proper access
most things can be quickly resolved.

No longer did the autograph seekers
have to hound him after the show,
or try and work their way backstage.

They just calmly walked down,
"Hi, I really enjoyed the show"
got their autograph and went back
to their seats happy as a clam.

Boom, Boom Boom!!

Easy as Pie!!

There was no yelling,
no screaming,
pushing or shoving
to get something in short supply,
because everyone knew
they would get their turn.

When will they learn??

Lack of access,
only creates frustration,
ill will and pent up desire
to accomplish the task,
and doesn't allow for
proper release.

I was impressed...

So I went up,
expressed my feelings
and shook his hand.

He thanked me and said,
"Would you like an autograph?"

"Yea...just put,
To Craig...
"Just sitting here,
on that sack of seeds..."
Jim Stafford."

Warmest Regards,


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