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Number 258
Wave Through the Rearview Mirror
September 28, 2003

Dear Friends,

And you thought we were done...

Not hardly,
but it won't be long.

From time to time,
I've been a little rough on people,
which is not my true nature,
but there comes a time
when the truth must be told
and the record set straight.

Under normal circumstances,
most of these stories
would never see the light of day,
but with the stakes so high,
it's important
to expose the truth
and let the cards
fall where they may.

Opportunities like this
don't come along every day,
so every effort must be made
to ensure things have every
opportunity to manifest.

In every case,
I've bent over backwards,
and held off to the last possible moment
in hopes they might finally
"open their eyes"
and see the wonder of it all.

But ultimately,
"Free Will"
must prevail.

As you can see
from the many stories,
I'm used to having
"Carte Blanch"
and things moving right along.

it can be so easy
and effortless
if we all do our part..

And after 20 years
of following
the bread crumbs
you get pretty good at it.

So when someone
slams the door in your face,
it can only mean four things.

Recheck your course,
then try again...

Your timings off,
so try again later...

The best is yet to come,
so be patient...


They don't get it!!

In which case
there's nothing you can do,
but replot your course,
move on,
wave through the rearview mirror.

Warmest Regards,


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