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Number 257
Future Travelers
September 28, 2003

Dear Friends,

Hope you've enjoyed this
"Voyage of Discovery"
as much as I've
enjoyed bringing it to you.

We have covered an awful
lot of ground together,
which is not often tread.

I hope it has opened,
"Your Eyes"
to the Power and Wonder of
Abraham Lincoln,
the Memorial Highway
that bears his name...

and its potential as
"A Road to Bigger Things."

Who would have thought,
when we started just
"20 short days ago"
that is would have taken
5 months and 250 emails
to tell the story.

And still,
this only the tip
of the iceberg.

We have yet to get into...

43 Days in a Bucket Truck
Et Travels the Lincoln Highway,

The detail of the
Long Journey into History,

Let alone the thousands
of pages of new
Lincoln Highway Material.

Maybe someday
we can re-publish the history of
The Lincoln Highway
The Story of a Crusade
That Made Transportation History
as a three volume set:

The original book,
with a preface...

this title page...

and photo of
D R Lane
to finally set the record straight.

Then a Book about discovering
"The Holy Grail"

Plus a new and updated
edition of
The Lincoln Highway
with lots and lots of
New Stuff
not covered in the original version.

Whew...sounds like a lot of work,
but what a legacy
future travelers!!

Warmest Regards,


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