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Number 253
Because of You
September 25, 2003

Dear Friends,

In many ways,
Mike was
"The Start of it All."

He was the first
to recognize the work,
and put me in touch with
The Lincoln Community.

It was our first meeting
upstairs at Ford's Theater.

I gave him a copy of...

The Lincoln Highway Gala Celebration.

He was immediately impressed,
and asked if I would give
a presentation to
The Lincoln Group of Washington.

He was like a little kid
in a candy store.

He kept turning the pages,
one after another,
drinking them all in.

That's when he pulled out his rolodex,
and said you need to share this with others.

Needless to say,
we hit it off,
so afterward I said,
"Would you like to see a lock of Abe's Hair?"

Now remember,
he's the Chief Historian
and this is Ford's Theatre
where the President was shot,
and not three flights down they have
his ill-fated suit of clothes,
the gun, and the dagger.

He just sat there transfixed,
in the most reverent silence
starring at the relic.

It was as if time stopped,
and suddenly it was April 14, 1865.

Then he turned and said,
"It's Mr. Lincoln."

Not long after,
we said our good-byes
and he said.
"Always remember...Mr. Lincoln Lives."

It caught me by surprise,
but I've never forgotten it,
and to this day
it is the foundation
of all that I do.

And so it is true,
because of you
"Mr. Lincoln Lives"

Warmest Regards,


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