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Number 252
Mr. Lincoln Lives
September 25, 2003

Dear Friends,

So I guess we owe
this one to Mike Maione...

at Ford's Theater.

And speaking of Mike,
I sent him a copy of
"The Perfect Tribute".

Several days later,
I got a call on the cell.

"Preaching to the Choir!!"

"I read it once,
then twice,
and finally a third time."

"Couldn't put it down!!"

"I'm really glad
you put in the part about
Lincoln's Day Star of Peace."

You might remember it from
email number 25.

Then he went on to say...

"The Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
is having a meeting tomorrow,
and I'll make sure they know about."

Less than a month later,
news came that he passed away
from a stroke.

Click Here to Read Tribute

They don't make them like that anymore.

We will miss him greatly!!

During the call,
he reminded me of our ride in the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
on Mr. Lincoln's Birthday.

I stopped by
Ford's Theater
just as he was leaving,
so he hopped in
and we were off like a flash,
to Grand Central Station.

Later he told friends,
that riding in the Fire Truck
was one of the most exciting
days of his life!

We'll here's to you Mike,
because of you
"Mr. Lincoln Lives"

Warmest Regards,


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