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Number 251
One of 11
September 25, 2003

Dear Friends,

I guess if you do the math,
it's one in 250 million
for the first one,
and don't have clue on the second,
but then math with never my strong suit.

In any event,
it's a bunch...
But the best part is this,
now that we know
they made special
"Presentation Editions"
we can keep our eyes peeled.

And that's just what I did
when I went to Frank's House.

You might recall,
Stan Hewitt
was the largest house in Ohio
when it was built in 1915.

This is the director,
with a Lincoln Highway Plate
out front.

We went right to the study,
and pulled out Frank's copy...

which was just like Carl's,
blue with gold gilding...

except the inscription was written
in pen by
Henry B. Joy,
The First President.

It's a little hard to read,
but once you get the hang of it,
it's pretty easy.

Note the interesting reference to
Mr. Gael Hoag,
who must have handled all the details.

To my knowledge,
this is the only copy
signed by Henry Joy.

All the others went out
under Frank's personal stationary
as the last President of the Association
since they closed up shop in 1927.

And there were lots that went out,
to the State Consuls and
various supporters across the country.

As you might imagine,
Frank was a Lincoln admirer...

which would explain
this portrait in his study...

and diploma from
Lincoln Memorial University.

In addition to the book,
we found this plaque...

which I just tripped over
while going through my picture files.

I didn't realize its significance
until tonight...

when I remembered this article
in the April 1915 issue of
The Highway Magazine.

According to this,
it's one of 11.

Warmest Regards,


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