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Twenty Days
A Series of E-Mails

April 15, 2003
The 138th Anniversary
Mr. Lincoln's Passing

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20 Days
A Series of Emails
#001-Now He Belongs to the Angels...
138th Anniversary of Mr. Lincoln's Death
Eternal Light Radio Show
April 15, 2003
#251-One of 11
Frank Seiberling's Lincoln Highway Book
Lincoln Highway Tablet
September 25, 2003
#002-Angels...What's Up With That?
April 1865-The Month That Saved the Union
The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age
April 16, 2003
#252-Mr. Lincoln Lives...
Tribute to Mike Maione
The Lincoln Day Star of Peace
September 25, 2003
#003-The Strangest Thing...
Still in California
When the Bus Drivers Start Waving
April 17, 2003
#253-Because of You
The Start of it All
Always Remember...Mr. Lincoln Lives
September 25, 2003
#004-Voyage of Discovery
Seven Years...
Conscious Choices and Defining Moments
April 19, 2003
#254-The Galion Connection
Advancing the Evolution of the Lincoln Way
Change of Command
September 26, 2003
#005-20 Days
The Great Funeral Cortege
White House Millennium Trail
April 19, 2003
#255-Hmmm...Never Thought of That
The Common Tread
The Wall of Money
September 26, 2003
#006-Leading the Parade
I'm Your Man
Plain As Day
April 20, 2003
#256-Thanks for Coming Along for the Ride
Pretty Big Bread Crumb
Long Journey into History
September 27, 2003
Head Photographer
Love That Star Cross Filter
April 20, 2003
#257-Future Travelers
Road to Bigger Things
The Holy Grail
September 28, 2003
#008-Star Shots
World Trade Center
The Golden Spike
April 20, 2003
#258-Wave Through the Rearview Mirror
Opportunities...Don't Come Along Everyday
Free Will Must Prevail
September 28, 2003
#009-Entrepreneur by Day...Playboy by Night
And Then the Angels Sang
Fast Cars and Pretty Ladies
April 20, 2003
#259-Just Sitting Here on That Sack of Seeds
Easy as Pie
When Will They Learn?
September 28, 2003
#010-Once Around the Block
Who Loves You Baby?
The Boss
April 20, 2003
#260-A Little Goodwill
Open Door Policy
Major George W. Evans
September 28, 2003
#011-Rough Road to Hoe
Off to Work I go...
Shake his Hand or Get the Shot?
April 21, 2003
#261-Lost Their Nose for News
It Could Be So Easy
Lost Sight of Their Mission
September 28, 2003
#012-A Night To Remember
April 15, 1912
How Many were Saved?
April 21, 2003
#262-The Jurys Still Out
Many Times "No" is the Right Answer
Until the Fat Lady Sings
September 28, 2003
#013-Bombay Oyster
Gather Around Ladies
Are You Willing?
April 22, 2003
#263-Here's to You John
The John Bender Syndrome
I'll See You in Court
September 28, 2003
#014-Off to the Races
Get in the Coin Business
A Gift From the Old Man
April 22, 2003
#264-The Guiding Light
The Golden Thread
Don't Miss Abraham Lincoln
September 28, 2003
#015-The Golden Years
200 Dollars and No Sense
We're .999 Fine
April 23, 2003
#265-The Next Level
Pay It Forward
Global Thinkers
September 29, 2003
#016-A Date With Destiny
Have You Met F. W. Biehl?
"Each for the Other...and All for Our City"
April 23, 2003
#266-If and When
The Power of Ideas
A Walk in the Park
September 29, 2003
Always Remember
Follow the Star
April 24, 2003
#267-Ride with the Angels
27,000 Copies
September 29, 2003
#018-Following the Star
The Idea of Integration
The Fallon Sink
April 25, 2003
#268-Fire Departments Everywhere
An Unbroken Link
Picture of "The Spirit" on My Desk
October 9, 2003
#019-A Strange Clairvoyance
Nothing Like it in American History
The Smoking Gun
April 25, 2003
#269-A Labor of Love
Call From The White House
Lincoln Highway History Lesson-Part 1
October 9, 2003
#020-Few More Pieces to the Puzzle
Craig's Great Adventure
Number 43
April 25, 2003
300 Miles of Bonfires
Lincoln Highway History Lesson-Part 2
October 10, 2003
#021-To the Ends of the Earth
Lincoln Highway Plans
No Turning Back
April 25, 2003
#271-Lincoln Highway Proclamations
3 Lincoln Highway Governors
Sunday Sermons
October 10, 2003
#022-A Queston Answered...
Let's Do it Together
The Had Always Been There
April 25, 2003
#272-Light Around the World
Press Releases
Feel Free to Diseminate
October 10, 2003
#023-The Board Meeting
The Strange Man
It's All in My Head
April 26, 2003
#273-Ride With the Angels
That's My Wing Man
Then we went ballistic...
October 12, 2003
#024-The Plan and The Invisible Hand
Trip of a Lifetime
Congratulations...You Did It
April 26, 2003
#274-Four Flags and a Vest
Mr. Lincoln Flew in the Lead Plane
VIP Flight Certificate
October 12, 2003
#025-The Harmon Awards
Character, Perseverence, Self-Sacrifice
Jedediah Tingle
April 26, 2003
#275-VIP Pass
Special Display
Mama Shaw
October 12, 2003
***** *****
#073-A Super Guy
John A. Yeager
First Memorial Mile
June 6, 2003
#323-Blessed Are The Pure of Heart
The Black Angel
Daniel Chester French
January 9, 2004
#074-Flag Center
American Flag Display-The Presidio
Ben Zaricor Flag Collection
June 7, 2003
#324-Trick or Treat!!
Funny You Should Ask
Firemen from Lincoln
January 9, 2004
#075-Humanities Star
Service Star Flag
In Peace...Good Will on Earth
June 7, 2003
#325-And From 1700 Miles Away...
What Could Be More Perfect??
It Was All Set
January 12, 2004
#076-Revenue Cutter Service
The First Navy
US Coast Guard
June 7, 2003
#326-Pray for Rain...
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
Leading the Nation
January 12, 2004
#077-E Pluribus Unum
The Grand Luminary
Out of Many...One
June 8, 2003
#327-No Story...and No Big Crowds
Play for Broke
The Silver Bullet
January 12, 2004
#078-The Heart of it All
17 Star
Ohio Bicentennial
June 9, 2003
#328-Everything Was Ready to Go...
One Fire
Whew...That was Close!!
January 12, 2004
#079-United Flight 93
Crash Site
The Lincoln Highway's Most Compelling Stop
June 10, 2003
#329-North, South, East and West
Carl Fisher's Birthday
"All Together"
January 12, 2004
#080-Full Circle
Road of Character
A Living Memorial Across America
June 12, 2003
#330-Lincoln's Eyes
Adapting the Script
Memorial Miles
January 13, 2004
#081-The New Peace
Gettysburg-140th Anniversary
The Eternal Light
June 12, 2003
#331-Next Year
Roasting Marshmellows
Harvesting the Ashes
January 13, 2004
#082-Courage and Moral Vision
The Lincoln Way
A Road to Bigger Things
June 14, 2003
#332-In the Footsteps of Lincoln
Global Foundation
The Journey Continues
January 14, 2004
Mr. Lincoln's Last Words
June 14, 2003
#333-But Only if They're Nuts
Lincoln Lore
It's a Small World
January 14, 2004
#084-Flag Day-Part 1
Flag Day and National Flag Week Proclamation
Makers of the Flag
June 15, 2003
#334-One and Inseparable
Abraham Lincoln
Scoutings Patron Saint
January 14, 2004
#085-Flag Day-Part 2
34 Star Great Luminary
The Will of the People
June 15, 2003
#335-What Are the Odds on That??
The Annual Lincoln Day Pilgrimage
The Harding Memorial Tree
January 14, 2004
#086-Flag Day-The Six Pointed Star
George Washington's Flag
First American Flag
June 15, 2003
#336-You Know What they Say...
1924 Lincoln Day Pilgrimage
The Harding Memorial Tree
January 14, 2004
#087-More Stars...
Six Pointed Stars
Vitually All US Coinage
June 17, 2003
#337-Just and Lasting Peace
Lincoln IS America
The Lincoln Way
January 15, 2004
#088-We Take the Star from Heaven
A New Constellation
Eye of Providence
June 18, 2003
#338-Omen of What is to Come
Behold this Man!!
He is the Key...
January 16, 2004
#089-Eye of Providence
The Bulletproof George Washington
Prayer at Valley Forge
June 19, 2003
#339-Solidly Behind His Purpose
Pledge of Allegiance
Flag Day
January 16, 2004
#090-The Box of Gold
You Are the Rightful Owner
He Who Makes the Road Better
June 20, 2003
#340-Direct Connection
Lincoln Birthday Celebration
Washington on The Lincoln Highway
January 16, 2004
#091-Courage and Moral Vision-Part 2
A Road Map for Peace
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
June 21, 2003
#341-Further Investigation
Two Memorials
Dropped the Ball
January 16, 2004
#092-The Gold Box-Part 2
The Most Important Thing
Thank You for Your Time
June 21, 2003
#342-Let's See...That was September 30th
Gael Hoag Speaks Frankly
Lincoln Highway Ultimatum
January 16, 2004
#093-More Heavenly Stars
We Take The Star From Heaven
June 26, 2003
#343-His Great Humanity!!
In the Footsteps of Lincoln
Ida M. Tarbell
January 18, 2004
#094-We Three Kings
Follow the Star
Blue Star
June 27, 2003
#344-Lest We Forget...
Their Great Humanity!!
January 18, 2004
#095-The 64,000 Question
One Last Star Story
Presto...5 Pointed Stars
June 27, 2003
#345-And the Winner Is...??
Inspiration of Story
Uncharted and Delightful Detours
January 19, 2004
#096-Beam Me Up Scotty...
A Virtual Gold Mine
Mechanics Institute Library
June 29, 2003
#346-Will To Do The Right...
Paul Irving Wells
Lincoln's Creed
January 19, 2004
#097-Twinkling From the Heavens...
September 11, 1912
Everything has Specific Meaning
June 30, 2003
#347-The Journey Continues...
80th Anniversary
In the Footsteps of Lincoln
January 19, 2004
#098-I'll Call Her Old Glory...Boys
Captain Driver
The Sailor's Speech
July 1, 2003
#348-So Let Us Continue The Journey...
President Bush
Mandkind is Drawn to the Heavens
January 19, 2004
#099-Tri-Cornered Hat
Pretty Far Fetched...
Flag Folding Ceremony
July 1, 2003
#349-So How Cool is That??
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
City of Salina
January 20, 2004
#100-Marina Inn
San Leandro Fire Department
Say...Who Were Those Masked Men??
July 1, 2003
#350-Coast to Coast!!
Lincoln Pilgrimage
Completes the Circle
January 20, 2004
#101-Could it Get Any Better??
On The Road to Greatness
The Berkeley Lions Club
July 2, 2003
#351-The First Floor
Union Pacific Railroad Museum
The Big Picture
January 21, 2004
#102-Pretty Big Day...
July 1st
Beginning of the Journey
July 2, 2003
#352-On This Ground
The Olympic Room
Union Pacifc Torch Train
January 21, 2004
Oakland Museum
Colonel Edward Baker Tea Set
July 3, 2003
#353-Stoke of a Pen!!
The Second Floor
A Vision
January 21, 2004
#104-Can You Believe It??
Berkeley Fire Crews
Mints on my Pillow
July 3, 2003
#354-A Good Cup of Tea
Lincoln Funeral Car
The Big Attraction
January 23, 2004
#105-Number One in My Book
Station 24
Sea Wolf
July 5, 2003
#355-Now or Never!!
Lincoln Funeral Train
The Freedom Train
January 23, 2004
#356-All Aboard!!
Another Bread Crumb
January 23, 2004
#357-That's in Frankfort...Right??
So much for the Record
Lincoln Way High School
February 23, 2004
#358-American's Great Museum
Where's the Fire??
America on the Move
February 23, 2004
#359-A True Believer!!
Second to None
The Top Brass
February 23, 2004
#360-Spirit of America
It Took a Pioneer
February 23, 2004
The Hotel Fairy
Pretty Much Now or Never
February 24, 2004
#362-Who, What, Where, When??
Will Be Interesting to See What Happens
Sure Would Be Nice
February 25, 2004
#363-Face Up!!
The Plot Thickens
The Beginning
February 25, 2004
#364-The Smoking Gun
"In God We Trust"
Instrument of Providence
February 25, 2004
365-The Lincoln Highway Chopper
In the News
Lincoln Highway Motorcyle Tour
March 21, 2004
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