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Number 105
Number One in My Book
July 5, 2003

Dear Friends,

As luck would have it,
The Oakland Fire Department
rolled out the red carpet
and for the next three days,
I lived like a King with Oakland's finest
at Station 24.

High in the Oakland Hills...

site of the famous Oakland Hills Fire in the early 1990's.

You can see all the new houses and the young trees,
a testament to the massive devastation.

30 mile an hour winds kept the blaze alive,
as the fire raged for over 16 hours.

Over 3500 homes were lost and
as many as 22 people died.

Something the Oakland Fire Department
will not soon forget.

Aside from the wonderful sleeping accommodations,
my exclusive room package included,

A private stall for the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"...

a TV...

and private desk and phone
for sending emails, faxes and doing media interviews.

Not to mention,

a Deluxe food package,
which included such culinary grommet treats as
baked salmon, grilled chicken,
and steaks on the outdoor grill...

and the warm family dining
while watching an Oakland A's game.

Later there was a Photo Op at Jack London Square,
the Pacific Terminus of the Lincoln Highway
for the Oakland Tribune.

Click Here to Check it Out

and a special visit to...

The Sea Wolf
Oakland's premiere Fire Boat,
which included a tour of

the upper deck...

Pilot House...

and lower decks.

It has twin Caterpillar pumps that can
produce 3000 gallons per minute.

In case you were wondering,
that's a lot of water.

The typical Fire Engine can pump
1000 gallons per minute.

Just yesterday,
the Fire Captain told me of a
recent restaurant Fire in Alemeda.

Apparently they had three engines on the scene
and could not control the blaze,
so a call was put in for the Sea Wolf.

The fire was out in less that 3 minutes.

Thus the phrase...
"Surround and Drowned"

Later that evening,
a Special Night Messenger
arrived with an

Official Oakland Fire Department
Hat and T-Shirt.

Is there any doubt
who's Number One
in My Book??

Warmest Regards,


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