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Number 104
Can You Believe It??
July 3, 2003

Dear Friends,

As luck would have it,
the Ex-Berkeley Fire Chief
was a member of the Lions Club,
so it was off for a visit with
the Boys in Blue.

Here are the guys from Station 6.

They said,
"Be sure and stop at Station 4
and check out the
antique Fire Truck..."

A 1912 Seagrave.

Which led to dinner...

with the Boys from "B" Shift.

But what would dinner be like
without the standard quick exit
to answer a call for help.

Just a Med Call,
so they were back at it in no time.

They suggested a visit to Station 3
to pick up the traditional Fire Helmet.

More on this later...

By now it was almost 11pm,
so an offer was extended to stay the night.

Before accepting,
I made a quick call to Oakland,
to check the results
of our Pow Wow.

The Fire Crew was up
and anxiously awaiting my arrival.

So I thanked the Boys for their hospitality
and was off to the Oakland Hills.

When I arrived,
it was around midnight,
but was greeted with open arms.

They showed me to my room,
and the tears began to well up in my eyes.

There was my bunk,
all neatly turned down,
and with two chocolate mints
strategically placed on my pillow.

Now I've stayed in a lot of fire stations,
but this was a first...

"Thanks guys!!!"

And then I noticed the number on my bunk...


Can you believe it???

There is was again,
both at the beginning
and the end of this,
"Long Journey into History."

Warmest Regards,


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