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Number 103
July 3, 2003

Dear Friends,

Several months ago a friend suggested
I consider giving a lecture on
The Lincoln Highway
at the Oakland Museum.

She was a member
and said she'd check in to it.

Weeks passed and then one day
the phone rang.

"This year was booked,
but would I consider next."

"Well, OK..."

Weeks passed and then one day
the phone rang.

"Were putting together the schedule
and would you consider giving a talk??"


"Do you have any information that
would help us understand the scope
of your subject?"

I just finished
a 480 page book
"The Perfect Tribute."

This was on Monday,
so on Tuesday
it was off to the Museum.

Funny thing,
she forgot to tell me
they were closed on Tuesday.
it was back again
on Wednesday.

I quick dropped the book off
and was out the door,
when I thought,
"What the heck,
this might be a good time
to check out the Museum."

So off to grandmothers house I go...

it was early California History,
followed by the Spanish Missions,
and then the Gold Rush,
etc, etc, etc.

Then Bingo!!

Off in a corner,
there it was...

The Colonel Edward Baker Tea Set!!

Live and in person!!!

Not in my wildest imagination...

You might remember Col Baker
from Email # 57.

He was one of Mr. Lincoln 's
best friends and as a US Senator is credited with
swinging the California and Oregon vote
to Lincoln and the Union.

Mr. Lincoln named his second son after him,
Edward Baker Lincoln,
and it was Baker who first introduced
Abraham Lincoln
as the 16th President.

In addition,
it was one of Mr. Lincoln's last wishes...

to visit "His Baker" at Lone Mountain Cemetery.

You remember this shot when Mr. Lincoln...

came for Baker's Birthday in February.

While doing research on Col Baker
at the Society of California Pioneers,
Milton Shutes

mentions of a wonderful
"Tea Set"
given to Col Baker
by San Francisco Businessmen in 1860
that was somehow lost to the ages.

Then this photo
appeared in the Oakland Tribune in 1937
and tells of the tea sets discovery
in Salt Lake City.

As the story goes,
one day a guy walks in to the bank
and offers the tea set as collateral
for a $500.00 loan.

Years pass and he never pays off the loan
or redeems the tea set.

The bank closes and the former president
ends up with the tea set.

He dies and it goes to his daughter.

Then somehow,
the Tribune finds out about it
and runs a story with the above photo.

According to the article,
plans are put into works
to acquire the set,
but there was no follow up
so it's anybody's guess
what actually happened.

And then,
60 years later there it was
sitting in the Oakland Museum
out in front of God and everybody,

and yet no one in the
Lincoln Community
had any idea where it was!!


Hard to believe,
but one thousand percent true!!

Warmest Regards,


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