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Number 102
Pretty Big Day...
July 2, 2003

Dear Friends,

And so finally after 2 years
and almost 10 months on the road,
I finally
in Oakland/Berkeley the
Pacific Terminus
of the Lincoln Highway
on July 1, 2002.

A significant day in
Lincoln Highway
history indeed.
Not only was it the end
of this,
Long Journey in to History,

but the
Beginning of the Journey
in the first place.

For it was on
July 1, 1862
140 years ago that
Abraham Lincoln
started it all
and signed into law
The Pacific Railroad Act
which created the Nation's
First Transcontinental Railroad.

And so the Race was on...
The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific.

Several years later,
after assorted delays,
he said,
"...if they would hurry it up so that when he retired
from the Presidency he could take a trip over it,
it would be the proudest thing of his life
that he had signed the bill in aid of its construction."

More on this later...
And so you got to figure
Mr. Lincoln enjoyed his ride
across the Continent
in the Fire Engine...

and his stop in Promontory Utah
to visit the Golden Spike.

so back to July 1st.

July 1, 1913
the first official meeting of
The Lincoln Highway Association
was held in Detroit, Michigan.

And Carl Fisher and Company
departed Indianapolis
on the Hoosier Tour...

A four week trip...

trip across the Nation...

to promote Hoosier Automobiles...

and the Lincoln Highway.

In addition,
July 1st was the date
for a 25th Anniversary
NBC Radio Special
at Gettysburg...

And the last formal meeting of original...

Lincoln Highway Members
at the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition.

all in all,
I'd say
a pretty big day...

Warmest Regards,


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