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Number 101
Could It Get Any Better??
July 2, 2003

Dear Friends,

Well it was up at 6am
just in time to meet with the

Goodyear Airship Crew,
before the Battalion Chief
dropped by for the ride back to the Station.

After a few shots with the incoming shift,
it was off to
Follow the Star...

"on the Road to Greatness,"
The Lincoln Highway
Oakland Fire Station 23.

After a quick shot,
a signature and

"Welcome...Great to See You" in the
"Book of Remembrance"
they got a call
and sent me on to Station 18.

This is their brand new Pierce...

Moments later,
the flag was up,
gifts were exchanged
and everyone gathered
for the traditional group shot...

and one with
father and son.

Then it was back to the Station
for a "Pow Wow".

More on that later...

Then it was off to Spenger's...

for my first formal speaking engagement...

at the Berkeley Lions Club.

Could it get any better???

Warmest Regards,


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