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Number 100
Marina Inn
July 1, 2003

Dear Friends,

Exactly one year ago tonight,
I was sound asleep in the Marina Inn
overlooking the San Francisco Bay
courtesy of the San Leandro Fire Department.

Wouldn't that be nice about now...

So how did that happen???

As always,
it all started out innocently enough.

It was late Sunday afternoon
when I pulled in the station
on the final leg of the Journey.

The plan was to make a short stop,
then head on into Oakland for the night.

At least that was the plan...

After the usual Hello's
and explanation of the trip,
I put up the Flags

Then took the traditional
"Grip and Grin".

Traditional in one sense,
but quite untraditional in others.

The Boys brought out the ceremonial Axe
and made a special addition to the flags.

The Fireman's Gloves
Alameda County Fire
Station #9.

Pretty Cool!!!

by now were best of friends
and it's getting close to dinner time.

But wait,
the Chef forgot some seasoning

So it's off the market we go...

In a tiller truck,
can you believe it???

Mission accomplished,

it's time to dig in.

But wait,

what's that... the fire alarm??

So much for a hot meal,

it's off with the clothes...

on with the Bunker Gear...

and back in the saddle again.

Didn't we just do this???

Well that leaves me
with nothing to do,

so might as well check out the toys.

Hard to believe they actually used these things...

After they saved the day,
it was back to the station
for a cold meal.

But by now it's getting late,
and East Oakland is no place to be after dark.

So they roll out
The Red Carpet!!

And escort me to station 12
for better parking.

Then it's in to the jump seat and
off to the to the Marina Inn...

And Special Curbside Service.

Hard to believe they can maneuver those things
in such tight quarters.

Then one more shot before checking in...

If you think my hair was long then,
you should see it now.

Then it was back in the saddle again,
thumbs up and
"Hi O Silver...Away!!"

Back to the station for them
and up to bed for me.

Which sounds like a pretty good idea...

Warmest Regards,

Say who were those masked men??

Think I've got my silver bullet here somewhere.


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