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Number 097
Twinkling From the Heavens...
June 30, 2003

Dear Friends,

I almost made it out of town,
but you know me...

"Leave no stone unturned..."

So now it was off on a wild goose chase
to find copies of
Horseless Age.

UC Berkeley had a set,
but they were housed at a special storage facility.

logistical issues aside,
in many ways it was the
"Mother Lode".

What a tip!!!

Not only were there Lincoln Highway articles,
but hundreds of photos and related stories.

all the articles had to be copied
and many of the photos scanned
for the archives.

That being accomplished,
it was time to move on,
or so I thought.

While the copies were OK,
UCB doesn't have the best copy machines in the world,
so at the suggestion of one of the librarians,
"Thank You Very Much"
I tried one of the local copy centers.

Well it was
"Night and Day,"
so you know what that means.

After a while it was just easier,
to start over rather than try and match up
the old with the new.

So now it's back to square one...

While frustrating,
it hasn't been all bad.

Case in point...

Last week I noticed another interesting connection.

This is the first article in
Horseless Age
written about that very first meeting
held by Carl Fisher.

While in itself interesting,
what is most significant is the date.
September 11, 1912.

Like I said,
The Lincoln Highway


"The Road of Character!!
The Roman's knew how to build such roads.
And we,
have been given the opportunity
to build one in memory of that lofty soul
who represents to us,
more than anything else,
that great virtue-character."

"I have been asked to speak upon the artistic
possibilities of the Lincoln Highway,
but they are so vast that they stagger the imagination,
I can but prepare the canvas;
others will complete the picture."

"Whatever they may be,
I conceive this road as a scroll upon which,
from coast to coast,
the history of our land shall be recorded,
a river of life,
a symbol of the march of humanity toward perfection."

and finally...

In Honor of those lost Sept 11th,
and the in
Battles of Afghanistan & Iraq.

And speaking of September 11th...

In direct response to the attacks,
President Bush established the
US Northern Command
who's specific responsibility is
Homeland Security.

"But there is an overriding and urgent mission here in America today,
and that's to protect our homeland.
We have been called into action, and we've got to act."
- President George W. Bush
July 10, 2002

For More Information...

Click Here

if you establish a new Command,
then one must also establish a
Crest or Shield...

which through symbolism
properly denotes your mission.

"In the forefront is the eagle,
symbolizing our great nation and our alertness;
ready to defend our homeland.
Its right talons hold an olive branch and its left clutch a group of 13 arrows,
the symbols for peace and war and representing the first 13 states.
The eagle's head is turned toward the olive branch,
indicating our desire for peace.

On the eagle's chest is a shield,
a warrior's primary piece of defensive equipment.
The 13 alternating red (courage and fortitude)
and white (peace and sincerity) bars
on the shield represent the 13 original colonies.
The chief, in blue,
represents their strength,
vigilance and perseverance.

The chief holds 13 six-pointed stars,
a reference to the six-pointed design
from General George Washington's personal flag.
This flag was flown during his winter encampment at Valley Forge.
General Washington had a personal protection guard,
which consisted of a few hand picked men from each of the colonies.

This special guard carried these colors.
The symbols from the Washington flag are a reminder
of the efforts of the Continental Army,
which served as our Nation's first military organization
to free and protect the homeland,
and relate their great undertaking to the task
set before us in the defense of North America.

A depiction of Northern Command's area of responsibility
(AOR) is in the background, shielded by the eagle.
On the AOR are three stars,
a remembrance of each of the sites of the attacks on 11 September 2001.
These attacks gave impetus to the formation of U.S. Northern Command.
The stars are gold, a symbol of those who lost their lives.
During the early years of World War I,
a service banner was hung in the window of homes
where there was a family member in the war.
A blue star on the banner represented each family member.
As the war progressed and men were killed in combat,
wounded in combat and died of their wounds or disease,
there came to be accepted usage of the gold star.
This gold star was substituted and superimposed
upon the blue star in such a manner as to entirely cover it.
The gold star accorded the rightful honor and glory to the person
for his offering of supreme sacrifice for his country.

The five stars at the top of the crest represent the five services:
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.
The stars are eight-pointed, representing the eight points on a compass
and symbolizing our mission to counter the global threat of terrorism .
The stars are lined up over the AOR,
depicting the umbrella of protection that USNORTHCOM
will provide North America.

The outside rings of red,
blue and red with the white lettering of the command's name
are representative of the colors of the nation and the national flag."

For more information on...

Click Here

As you read the explanation,
note the detailed significance
of each and every aspect
of the Crest.

Everything has specific meaning!!

And then,
there's that 6 pointed star again
used in conjunction with both
5 and 8 pointed stars.

each has specific meaning.

So to think,
George Washington
The Founding Fathers
didn't know what they were doing
I find hard to believe.

The six pointed star was used because
it was the
"Natural Star"
and represented the
Truth and Purity
of the
Stars in Heavens.

"Life Liberty and the Pursuit
of all who threaten it."

Recently I ran across this explanation
John LeFevre
St. John's Retreat Center

"With reference to the meaning of the six-pointed star,
which we visualize in meditation..."

"The Star is the symbol of the perfect life,
the perfect balance..."

Think of the miracle of the snowflake,
each with its six points..."

"Think along these lines
and you will quickly find that a six-pointed star
expresses something of the universal in nature in its simplicity,
its perfect balance and truth."

For the full text of his explanation...

Click Here

At this point,
it might be interesting to note,
6 is a Prime Number
and that the
Honey Comb
has 6 sides

and is thought to be the most perfect
structure in nature.

For more information...

Click Here

In addition,
6 is also the Atomic Number
for Carbon.

Click Here For More

Who's Crystal Structure

is also 6 sided
and identical to the honey comb.

without Carbon,
the basis for life would be impossible.

And so...

"The part of the resolution that means the most are the words,
thirteen stars,
white in a blue field,
representing a new constellation.

For it is in them that we find the real significance,
the very soul and spirit of the American Flag.

These were the words which,
like twinkling stars in the heavens,
signaled to humanity the birth of the first nation on earth
dedicated to the personal and religious liberty of mankind-
a nation founded on the eternal principles of freedom,
equality, justice and humanity."

The point being...

If this be the case,
then All Americans
from the People,
on down to the President
should take note of their
"Heavenly Birth"
and pause and reflect
on the true motivation
for their actions.

If they are in alignment,
then full speed ahead!!

If not,
then perhaps it is time
to once again
look to the stars....

For they are
twinkling from the heavens...

for those lost on Sept 11th.

Warmest Regards,


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