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Number 096
Beam Me Up Scotty...
June 29, 2003

Dear Friends,

Hard to believe,
but next week it will be a year
since I arrived in Oakland
on July 1st.

More on this later...

Almost immediately I sprang into action
and almost without exception,
it has been 24-7 working on
The Lincoln Highway ever since.

For months,
I was in San Francisco working the microfilms
at the public library by day
and Kinkos working
on the web site by night.

During this period I began to chronicle
and establish a database of all the magazine articles
ever written on the Lincoln Highway.

Click Here to Check Them Out

To date,
there are over 500 entries
and 9000 lines of code...

All written by hand,
cut and pasted
as the case may be.

In any event,
a lot of work I can assure you.

I tracked down all the listings in Readers Guide,
then moved on to the more difficult.

A little nugget here,
and a little nugget there
would many times lead to a virtual Gold Mine,
if willing to take the time and pan things out.

Case in point,
Motor Magazine.

While this Magazine has produced hundreds
of quality articles about the Lincoln Highway
and related subjects,
the real hard part was finding
a library that had hard bound copies
and would let me look through them unimpeded.

Enter the Mechanics Institute Library on Post Street,
a private Library established in the mid-1800's
and the only library within a hundred miles that had them.

They have three floors of old time stacks
plus a chess club on the fourth
you have to see to believe.

For more details...

Click Here

After several weeks
I had it pretty well mined out
and was ready to call it quits
and head to LA,
but decided to go back
one last time
just to make sure.

So I'm sitting at one of the big library tables
way in the back minding my own business
when this guy comes up and says,
"I see you're interested in old cars..."

"Well, Yes..."

"Then you really ought to go down
in the basement and check out
Horseless Age,
it's full of all kinds of stuff."

I thanked him for the tip,
and went back to my business.

I checked with the librarian
and was surprised to find
the basement was off limits and
they didn't show
Horseless Age
listed in their inventory.

"You're sure now...
cause I'd swear the guy said you did,
and why would he tell me so if you didn't?"

I'm sorry but we don't have it."

so I go back to the stacks
and try and find the guy...

I looked high and low,
but he was nowhere to be found.

Only thing I can figure is,
he must have said,
"Beam me up Scotty."

Warmest Regards,


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