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Number 095
The 64,000 Question...
June 27, 2003

Dear Friends,

Found this in my files...

and thought you might like a closer look.

One last star story,
then I'll put it to bed.

Back in 1989,
I went to Washington
as part of a
Special Congressional Conference.

As part of the program,
Congressman Kasich
took us on a tour of the Capital.

Since he was a Congressman
he took us to the floor of the House
for the orientation.

As we took up our places,
I was surprised to find a
six pointed star
carved in the back of every chair.

Next time you watch C-Span
be sure and check them out.

They're on the House side only.

So why did they change from 6 pointed stars to 5??

That's the $64,000 question.

While nobody knows for sure,
legend has it that when George Washington
went to visit Betsy Ross
he requested six pointed stars.

Apparently she suggested 5,
then took a piece of fabric
folded it a special way
made a few cuts and
presto...5 pointed stars.

George said,
and that was the end of that.

For more on the story....

Click Here

Under the circumstances,
I find that hard to believe.

scholars credit Francis Hopkinson with the first flag
which of course used the 6 pointed stars.

And second,
if George really did say
"We take the star from heaven"

and used the 6 pointed stars on his flag,
I find it hard to believe he would
have given in that easy.

So for now at least,
guess it remains a mystery.

But the next question is of course,
why not bring back the 6 pointed star??

Food for thought...

Warmest Regards,


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