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Number 093
More Heavenly Stars...
June 26, 2003

Dear Friends,

Many years ago in my own quest for the Truth,
I took the train to Atlanta for a spiritual gathering.

It lasted for several days,
and while interesting it
was by and large uneventful.

I began to prepare myself
for the long ride home.

On Sunday morning
there was one last event,
so not wanting to miss the opportunity,
I got up early and headed for the
Convention Center.

When I arrived,
there were 5000 others
who were so inclined as well.

We all sat rather quietly
for what was to be a group meditation.

Being a neophyte,
I listened intently to the instructions
and tried to follow them to the letter,
but got caught up in the mechanics.

After about 15 minutes or so,
I quit trying and just listened to the sound.

And then it happened...

This beautiful pulsating
6 pointed Blue Star
appeared in my minds eye.

It was quite a thing,
to say the least...

Well needless to say,
it opened my eyes
and from that moment on
things began to change.

Shortly there after I met my friend
who suggested I meet with F.W. Biehl.
and the rest is pretty much history.

You might recall,
he's the one who said,
"Always remember...Follow the Star."

Well shortly there after,
I was having dinner with a friend
and she said if I ever needed any foam rubber
she knew the place.

At the time I thought,
where did that come from?

Like when was the last time
you needed some foam rubber??

See what I mean??

So I filed it away for a rainy day.

Well lo and behold,
while visiting a friend who made picture frames
the topic turned to foam rubber.

Can you believe it...

They were using carpet padding
to apply the stain and were having problems.

So I said,
"Let me make a few calls
and I'll get back to you."

there are as many different kinds of foam
as there are stars in the sky,
because the fellow said,
"I've got just what you want,
it's made especially to hold paint."

Hard to believe...

So not wanting to let an opportunity slip by,
I asked the fellow if he'd d teach me
the finer points of Foam Rubber.

Doing one better,
he said,
come on I'll give you a tour
and you can watch me work.

While definitely exciting,
what really caught my eye
was a dusty old die sitting on the shelf.

It was a perfect 6 pointed star...

Just like the one I'd seen in Atlanta,
and just like the ones on the first American Flags...

and coins...

So I quick stopped him and said,
"What's that for???"

"I don't know,
it's been here for years..."

Well it was getting to be Christmas time,
so the wheels started to spin.

What a neat Christmas Present!!!

He wouldn't sell it,
but agreed to make me some stars...

He made blue ones and white ones,
then I swapped them out and came up with this.

The only problem was how to package it...

So I got some gold tissue paper
and went the J. C. Penney Store
(Now the Lincoln Highway Museum)
and got some lingerie boxes.

Pretty Neat, eh??

so Christmas Eve soon arrived
and Santa made his appointed rounds.

it's not every day you get a
Blue Foam Star wrapped
in a Lingerie Box for Christmas.

So naturally there were a few questions.

The most direct
came from the Bank Manager on the square
who asked,
"Where did it come from?"

Not knowing exactly what to say,
I was off to get some gas.

As I stood there pondering her question,
it began to snow...

It was like time stopped
and it took forever for the flakes
to finally reach their mark.

But when they did,
my eyes were directed to the top of this
concrete post and there before me was a
perfect 6 pointed star...

On closer examination,
they were all 6 pointed stars

So I went back and said,
"Have you ever looked at a snowflake??"

"Therein lies your answer."

The very next day,
the editorial cartoon in
The Galion Inquirer
was a caricature
of a guy with broom
pushing a snow flake.

At the heart...
a 6 pointed star.

And so to use George Washington's Words...

"We take the star from heaven..."


"No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand
which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States.
Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation
seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency;"

Warmest Regards,


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