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We Take the Star From Heaven...
June 18, 2003

Dear Friends,

Last year at the Nevada State Archives in Carson City,
I ran across this brochure on
"Flag Contests"
sponsored by
The United States Flag Association.

I began to investigate...

On a long shot,
I checked eBay and came up with this
pamphlet published in 1937.

The dedication was written by
Colonel James A. Moss,USAR
United States Flag Association.

"May it arouse in you not only a resolution always to honor
and respect the Flag of your Country and uphold its ideals,
but also a desire to understand better and appreciate more
the principles of justice, liberty, courage, loyalty
and the other ideals which the Flag symbolizes..."

Guess that pretty much covers that.

But now,
for the really good part...

"The part of the resolution that means the most are the words,
thirteen stars,
white in a blue field,
representing a new constellation.

For it is in them that we find the real significance,
the very soul and spirit of the American Flag.

These were the words which,
like twinkling stars in the heavens,
signaled to humanity the birth of the first nation on earth
dedicated to the personal and religious liberty of mankind-
a nation founded on the eternal principles of freedom,
equality, justice and humanity."

And then it goes on to quote,
George Washington...

"We take the star from heaven..."

A six pointed star...

in a field of blue representing a

"New Constellation".

"New Constellation"
was represented in the very first
copper coinage authorized by the
Continental Congress with...

The obverse of the displaying rays emanating from an
"Eye of Providence"
surrounded by a circular constellation of thirteen stars.
The legend on the patterns was in Latin,
(A New Constellation).
The reverse displays a wreath around the initials U.S.
with the denomination below,
outside the wreath is the legend,
(Liberty Justice)
and the date 1783.

For more information on the
"Novo Constellatio"
Click Here

There were several different patterns or styles,
but always with the
"Eye of Providence"
and the
6 pointed star...
"From the Heavens".

The "Nova Constellatio" was then incorporated
into a whole series of coins
and was the beginning of the modern day
quarter, half and dollar.

For more info on the
"Nova Constellatio Pattern Set"
Click Here

And so,
with the
"Eye of Providence"
watching over us,
like twinkling stars in the heavens...

let us strive to uphold its ideals
and better understand and appreciate
the principles of loyalty, courage, justice and liberty
which the Flag so beautifully symbolizes.

Warmest Regards,


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