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Number 085
Flag Day-Part 2
June 15, 2003

Dear Friends,

Was up bright and early,
then off to the Presidio

for the featured program of the day.

"Flags Over the Presidio"
A Ceremony of History, Flags and Music
featuring the
Top Brass Quintet.

Beginning at 12 noon,
the program called the display of
four historic flags on the Presidio's 120' flag pole.

Sounds pretty exciting...right?

Well unfortunately,
due to an unexpected parade
Mr. Lincoln and the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
arrived 8 minutes late
and missed the first two flags.

But not to worry,
there is always TV.

And speaking of TV,
if you watched this morning

you might have seen the Flag Display on
CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.

Now back to the action...

Arriving late themselves,
the first flag was run up again
for purely ascetic purposes...of course.

This is the
"Grand Union"
"Continental Colors"
used from 1776-1777.

It features the British Union Jack and
the Cross's of St. Andrew and St George
with the 13 stripes.

The idea being to honor and recognize
the tie with Britain but
signify their own independence.

It was the first national flag,
although never officially recognized by congress.

The second flag was the
15 Star, 15 Stripe
"Star Spangled Banner"
similar to the one Francis Scott Key

watched as he wrote
the National Anthem.

While I did see it fly,
it's kinda hard to take a picture
and steer a fire truck at the same time.

The third flag was the

California Bear Republic.

On June 14, 1846,
a small band of American settlers
proclaimed the free and independent

Republic of California
in Mexican Alta, California.

The fourth was the

34 Star
"Great Luminary"

that flew over the train station
in Albany, New York
on April 26, 1865

when President Lincoln's
funeral Train stopped
for the 6th of 12 funerals

on the way to
his final resting place in
Springfield, Illinois.

This is the first time the two have been united,
since that fateful day in 1865.

This shot moved nationally via the
Associated Press
as a
Special Flag Day Tribute.

Click Here to View

This was the last of the scheduled displays,
but as sometimes happens on such historic occasions

"The Will of the People"


and this 35 Star Civil War Flag

was added to the program.

As was this

26 Star

"Great Luminary"

from 1837-1845.

This flag is wool
and made with a very loose weave.

When back lit by the sun,
instead of reflecting the light
like the newer nylon flags,
light passes through it
and emits a strange luminescence.

In short,
the Flag Glows!!!

Warmest Regards,


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