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Number 082
Courage and Moral Vision
June 14, 2003

Dear Friends,

And speaking of
"The New Peace",
what better place to start
than the Middle East.

And what better person to
"Lead the Way"
than Abraham Lincoln.

For on that last fateful day,
He and Mary went for their usual carriage ride
and talked about the future...

He wanted to visit Palestine...

And speaking of Palestine,
on June 3rd President Bush

met with other Middle Eastern Leaders
at the SHARM EL-SHEIKH Summit,
and called for
"courage and moral vision on every side from every leader."
and said he was
"committed to helping all the parties"
in the Middle East
"reach the hard and heroic decisions that will lead to peace."

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But what he forgot in his
"Road Map for Peace"
was to follow...

"The Greatest Road in the World"

For it is only through Mr. Lincoln's
example of,
"Courage and Moral Vision"

that we will ever complete
the Journey on this the
"Road to Bigger Things".

And so,
as Mr. Lincoln often said...

"Justice is simply the faculty of placing yourself
in the other fellow's place
and doing unto him as you would be done,
by preserving at all times and at all hazards a simple and direct
faith in humankind and respect for the majesty of law
as properly and legally enacted,
and a reverence for those higher ideals and impulses
which constantly need stimulation
sometimes through worry and misfortune."

Warmest Regards,


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