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Number 079
United Flight 93
June 10, 2003

Dear Friends,

Last week
after a long night of emails,
I strolled into the dining room
to relax and read the morning paper.

Like clockwork,
The San Francisco Chronicle
was in a nice neat pile on the right.

But then what's this
on the left??

It seemed a little out of place
so I moved to investigate.

An article about the Lincoln Highway.

Where did that come from??

I scanned it briefly,
then realized it was the same article
a friend sent me via email several weeks ago.

So I didn't pay much attention.

A couple hours later,
while hard at work on the computer
a little mouse stuck her nose in the door
and said, "Did you read this?"

"Well, kinda..."

"One of the neighbors brought it over,
maybe you should look at it."

So I scanned it once again,
and this time my eyes were directed here.

Can you believe it??

"The highway's most compelling stop in the state is Shankville,
Somerset County, where United Airlines Flight 93 plunged
to destruction on September 11, 2001..."

I quickly called a LH friend in Pittsburgh to confirm,

Sure enough...the crash site was along the Seven Mile Stretch,

and the Memorial was on the Lincoln Highway.

Warmest Regards,


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