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Number 075
Humanities Star
June 7, 2003

Dear Friends,

Without ruining the thrill,
there are four more flag stories
that should be told.

First is the Service Star Flag.

When I first saw it,
there was an instant attraction.

Don't know why,
but it looked similar to one my grandfather
had from the first World War.

Aside from the fact that
each star represents an American in Service,
Ben said not much was known about the flag.

It seemed unusual for there to be 10 members
of the one family in the Service at the same time,
but there was no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Then Bingo,
several days later I tripped across this article
in the August 3, 1918
issue of Motor Age Magazine.

Guess that pretty much solves that...

I sent it to Ben and was thrilled
to see it once again

as part of the New and Improved
American Flag Exhibit.

But it wasn't until I tripped across this
1918 issue of National Magazine that the
complete picture came into view.

So whether it represents
a single individual...

a church congregation...

7260 company employees...

or a whole town,

It is really,
Humanity's Star...

"To bring about the promise
Of one who's gone afar,
That men shall have the right to live,
In peace, good will on earth."

Warmest Regards,


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