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Number 074
The Flag Center
June 7, 2003

Dear Friends,

And third,
a visit to
The American Flag Display
at the Presidio Officer's Club.

The display features several hundred historic flags
and is part of the
Ben Zaricor Collection
one of the largest flag collections in the world.

I first met Ben back in February
when the exhibit was first on display.

It was the last day and I got there
with only an hour to spare.

But as luck would have it,
they were getting ready to shoot
a film documentary
so we had plenty of time to talk.

We hit is off immediately
and I soon found myself
with a new title,
"Key Grip".

That's Movie talk for Gofer.

So for the next two days
I got a rare look at some of
America's most historic flags,
not to mention adding one
to the collection myself.

A signed Flag from the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"

This is one of the earliest known
13 star & 13 stripe flags in existence.

It dates from 1800-1805
and was a Merchant Ship Ensign.

This is a Lincoln Funeral Flag
and features the Grand Luminary Pattern.

Note the black mourning border.

Then two of Custer's Calvary Gidons.

And the first Peace Flag from 1912,

and the more common one known to most of us today.

But what most of you probably don't know is
how it came about.

It originated in the 50's and was
originally know as the Nuclear Disarmament flag.

The symbol in the blue field is actually
the Semaphore Flag Signal for
N-D or Nuclear Disarmament.

Pretty Cool

Wish I could show you more,
but then that would ruin thrill
of a first hand visit.

After the shoot I got this
"Patton Shot"
of the crew in front of the last 48 star flag
to fly over the US Capital.

Since the display was so popular,
the National Park Service asked Ben
to bring it back for a special two month exhibition
and they're working on establishing a permanent
Flag Center at the Presidio.

It runs from May 26-July 31
and is well worth the trip.

Warmest Regards,


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