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Number 073
A Super Guy
June 7, 2003

Dear Friends,

the establishment of Memorial Miles

in honor of those lost on September 11th
and the subsequent Battles of Afghanistan & Iraq

based in part on the original concept established by the
Lincoln Highway Association

and carried out by the
Lincoln Highway Woman's Auxiliary
back in 1915.

Since Colonel Albert A. Pope was the
"Father of Good Roads"

in America
it made perfect sense to name the first
Memorial Mile after him.

And since John A.Yeager was the
"Father of this Project"
and the modern day
Lincoln Highway Sign
it makes perfect sense to name the first
Memorial Mile after him.

Way back when in 1996,
it was John who volunteered

his services to make the first
Road Signs for Congress Township.

It was John who suggested I get with
Jack Klein to do the art for the Angel Book.

It was in John's Shop that Jack said,
"You know what you ought to do now
is make some Lincoln Highway Signs."

And it was John
who burnt the screens
and pulled the paddle
for the first of those signs.

Soon thereafter,
the push was on in the first serious effort to resign
the Lincoln Highway since 1928.

From 1996 to 2000 we made over 750 signs together,
and never charged me a dime.

Were it not for him,
we would not be here today.

John A. Yeager
December 12, 1955
January 10, 2003.

He was a Super Guy!!

We will miss him greatly!!

And so it is particularly fitting
that the first Memorial Mile
be established in his name
and in front of his former business
at 7657 Lincoln Highway in
Crestline, Ohio.

This one's for You..

Warmest Regards,


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