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Number 24
The Plan and the Invisible Hand
April 26, 2003

Dear Friends,

I went home and locked myself the office.

Ten days later,
"The Trip of a Lifetime"
was finished.

I sent several copies out to key board members,
and anxiously awaited the response.

A week went by, then two,
then three and still no answer.

Didn't they understand,
the clock was ticking...
and with not a moment to lose.

I finally called one and said,
well what do you think?

While they liked it,
it was clear
they weren't going to run with the ball.

OK, so on to plan "B".

George Bush...

Maybe he would get the ball rolling.

During my research,
I found out Abraham Lincoln's parents,
Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks
were married on June 12th 1806.

And you'll never guess
who was born on June 12th...

George Bush.

41 not 43.

And then it gets better...

When Nancy died,

Thomas Sarah Bush.

I found out later,
there's actually a Bush Ranch
on The Lincoln Highway in Utah
and they claim to be related.

In any event,
it is Sarah who is largely credited
with taking young Abe under her wing
and teaching him to read and write.

One of Mr. Lincoln's most famous quotes,
is about his mother...

although scholars are unclear,
if he was speaking about Nancy or Sarah.

So, I began to research President Bush
to see if there were any other interesting connections
and found his first official act as President in 1989
was to declare a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving.

In the first paragraph,
he quotes George Washington and says...


So I wrote him a letter called:
George Washington,
The Invisible Hand
The Lincoln Highway.

In addition,
I included a small birthday gift...

an original 1876 lithograph of
The Star Spangled Banner.

Later while standing in line at the Post Office,
I happened to glanced over at a display of USPS Cards.

it almost jumped off the rack.

"Congratulations...You Did It."

Needless to say I felt good.

And then I waited,
and waited and waited.

Oh well, on to Plan "C".

Warmest Regards,


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