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Number 23
The Board Meeting
April 26, 2003

Dear Friends,

In June of 1987,
the LHA had their annual convention
in Mansfield, Ohio.

Had it not been 20 miles from home...

I can assure you,
even with all the clues,
in all likelihood,
I would not have gone.

It was quick,
it was easy,
then it was on
to the next thing.

The goal was to present the plan,
offer my assistance,
let them run with the ball
then go back to life as normal.

I invited a friend to stop by just for fun
and we took a quick tour of the displays.

I can remember very distinctly saying,
"You know if a guy isn't careful
he could sure get wrapped up in this thing."
Famous last words...

Just prior to the board meeting,
the President was making last minute preparations,
when a strange man interrupted her.

Sensing something unusual,
I turned my attention to the conversation.

The man said he was a race car driver
in town for the races at Mid-Ohio
and was staying at the Hotel.

Said he noticed the Lincoln Highway material
and thought it a strange coincidence
since he owned Carl Fisher's old home on Long Island.

Now for those of you who don't know,
Carl was the Founder of the Lincoln Highway.

She quickly thanked him for the information,
took down his name and address
and went on to other matters.

I paused and was somewhat shocked
as I looked around the room,
no one else had noticed.

I went home that night
and searched the internet
for Carl Fisher.

Turns out he was born January 12, 1874.

More on this later...

The meeting began,
and their attention soon turned to business.

Seems they needed a typewriter for the office.

I waited and no one offered a solution,
so I raised my hand and donated an Adler/Royal.

They're as nice if not nicer than an IBM Selectric.

Next was the nomination of a slate of officers.

Apparently they were having a leadership crisis
and no one wanted to be President.

Seems several people had served double terms
and were tired of doing all the work.

I waited to see if someone would step to the plate,
then once again did a George Bush
and threw out the game plan at the last minute.

So what was to be a short proposal
on the resigning of the Highway,
turned into a quasi-campaign speech for President.

Granted it was subtle,
but if they wanted me I would serve...

Certainly not what I had planned.

Found out later,
they didn't think I was qualified.

we finally got to the plan
and they asked if I had anything written down.

Well no,
it's all in my head.

Could you prepare something for us???

So here we go again...

Warmest Regards,


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