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Number 21
To the Ends of the Earth
April 25, 2003

Dear Friends,

On the way back to Ohio,
I stopped at several other interesting places as well.

First there was Carlsbad Caverns,
and then...what's this Roswell, New Mexico.

I was close,
so why not.

I asked around about the crashes
and even checked out the two museums.

While they had a few things of interest,
I was generally unimpressed.

I asked about the crash sites
and received a map and instructions
for the mountain top site.

why not...

Certainly didn't have anything else to do,
and being a hands on person,
I wanted to see it for myself.

That way if anybody ever asked,
I could speak from the first person.

On the map it didn't seem far,
but you know how deceiving
those wide open spaces can be.

After an hour or so,
I found the turn off.

You'd think they'd mark them better
with all those tourists going out in the middle of nowhere

I'd come this why not.

Several miles later on top of this deserted mountain
I found the spot.

While interesting,
there was certainly no smoking gun.

It was getting dark
so I decided to spend the night on the mountain.

Mom and Dad had seen one years ago,
maybe I'd get lucky.

Oh well.

All this time Lincoln Highway Plans were rolling around
like sugar plums dancing in my head...think that's how it goes.

In Dallas,
I stopped by the Boy Scout National Headquarters,
did the tour and pitched the idea to them.

They seemed interested so encouraged,
I stopped in Houston to visit former President Bush.

Thought maybe since he was retired and former
Honorary President of the Boy Scouts
he might have more time and be interested in helping out.

He was out,
but got to sign the guest book.

Then it was on to Branson, MO
and finally home.

All excited,
I met with the President of the LHA
and told her of my plan.

At the time,
I was acting as a catalyst and
saw my role as purely advisory
although willing to provide research,
art and anything else
I could to help out.

I said,
"I'll go to the ends of the earth with you on this,
but once we start, there's no turning back
and I won't do it half-assed."

She was in the final months of her Presidency
and after giving it some thought had
decided not to run for a second term.

So there really wasn't much she could do.

Some good news though,
she reported
Bernard Queneau, one of four Eagle Scouts
to make the Boy Scout Safety Tour in 1928
had just recently been found.

That's him third from the right in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

And again at the end of the Highway in San Francisco.

He was 80 something,
so if he was to participate
in any resigning,
time was of the essence.

As a closing thought,
she did offer me time at their
5th Annual Convention
to present my plan to the board.

Warmest Regards,


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