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Number 020
A Few More Pieces to the Puzzle
April 25, 2003

Dear Friends,

Ok, soon there after my parents flew back to Ohio,
and left me the van to bring back at my leisure.

Thus began the first of what I call,
"Craig's Great Adventure".

I went down the coast on Highway One,
stopped at the Hearst's castle,
then to LA and Long Beach
for a few days on Catalina Island,
then down to San Diego
to visit with some high school and college friends.

While in the area I went to see a
License plate vendor about making some
Lincoln Highway Plates.

Since the Lincoln Highway Signs were so successful,
the President of the LHA asked if I could design a
Lincoln Highway Plate.

Seems they had been trying for some time but were unsuccessful.

She faxed me some ideas and I took the ball and ran.

With the art done,
I needed someone to make the plates.

Being a hands on kinda guy,
I wanted to make this a learning experience as well.

I called the guy up and told him I wanted to stop by for a visit.

He said, "Boy you're lucky,
I was at a plate show in Reno and got sick,
so I came home a few days early."

We soon became fast friends
as he showed me all the different
ways they make license plates.

Seems he'd made them for several countries,
including a few Canadian provinces,
as well as for NATO,
several Olympics
and get this...the Virgin Islands.

Not being one to leave without a sample,
I asked if he had any I could take with me.

So we went into the back room
and he started pulling out tons of them.

Well, I was hooked.

Then he reached in a box and said,
"Check this one out."

It was a Special Olympic Plate for

The Virgin Islands-Number 43.

While excited about the plate,
I was disappointed in the number.

I said, "Do you have any 12's."

Being born on the 12th I was partial to that number.

He looked and said, "Nope, it's gone."

I looked at it again and said,
"Well I guess 4 times 3 is 12, so I guess that works."

He said they were "OFFICIAL-LEGAL" plates issued by the
Virgin Islands and could be used in place of any standard plate.

They cost $50.00 with the proceeds going to the VI Olympic Team.

Even met some of them when I was in Salt Lake for the Olympics.

Sometimes back in Ohio,
I get some pretty strange looks,
but they are legit.

This is the newest one for Athens in 2004.

No doubt if I ever get back,
will use this one as well.

Back to the Lincoln Highway Plates,
we made a deal and have gone through 3 runs so far.

Not sure how many,
but well into the hundreds if not thousands.

While they are available for sale,
99.9% of them have been used as promotional
tools to commemorate special occasions.

Warmest Regards,


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