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Number 019
A Strange Clairvoyance
April 25, 2003

Dear Friends,

As you can see,
a strange pattern seems to be developing.

Over the years,
it has been one unending string of events after another.

At first,
I didn't think much about it,
but they just kept coming and coming and coming...

After a while you begin to think,
well maybe there's something to it,

As I studied more about the Lincoln Highway
I noticed patterns there as well.

"The Founding Fathers",
of the Lincoln Highway that is,
seemed to be of the same mindset.

Many times it was just a comment here
and a comment there,
but after a while they began to add up.

One of the best examples
is this by Henry B. Joy written in 1914.

I liken it to the Gettysburg Address.

It is short and sweet and yet it pretty much says it all.

"The evolution of this memorial has begun.
In loving tribute it will be carried,
as time passes,
to its ultimate ideal."

While I always had a hutch,
I could never produce the "Smoking Gun".

If you look back at the timeline of events
and the shear volume of work that was accomplished,
it is nothing short of a Miracle!

Get this,
they dreamed it up in September of 1912,
and had over 4 million dollars in pledges by early 1913.

Then they organized,
set up an office,
hired a staff,
selected State Consuls,
printed membership certificates,
scouted the route at least twice by July,
made a pitch to the Nation's Governors in late August,
set the route,
had 125,000 flyers,maps and posters printed,
addressed and mailed by September 14th,
then turned around and held a nationwide
dedication ceremony to rival the best Hollywood
has to offer a little over a month later.

There is simply nothing like it in American History...
It boggles the mind.

Even though I've been very successful,
it's been 7 years now
and we're still in the beginning phases
and I'm just following their script
and don't have to dream any of it up.

Hell, seven years and they were almost done!!

Since arriving in California on the 4th of July,
I've been hitting the books every day
trying to find every available scrap of information
on the Lincoln Highway.

That is of course one of the stated goals of
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives.

The idea being to make the information
easily available
for those so inclined.

I started with all the magazine articles
while looking for clues that might give additional insight
beyond the norm into how this all happened.

At first there were only a few,
but that soon grew into literally hundreds.

I had to catalog them to keep from going crazy.

Let's see do I have that one...

The fruits of that labor
can be seen on the following web page.


It is the most complete listing of
Lincoln Highway Articles
available anywhere in the World!

At some point,
think I'll break it up again,
actual Magazine articles on one page
and Trade Magazine articles on another.

Let me know what you think...

In any event,
there are over 9400 lines of code.

Think that didn't take awhile to write.

OK, so now back to the story...

Having been pretty successful with the articles,
there were however a few stragglers
I'd been unable to track down.

Case in point,
a 3 part series in
Travel Magazine.

One day at the Oakland Public Library,
I thought what the heck,
I'll give it a shot.

They have one of the best collections of
early magazines I've found anywhere,
and best of all they're easy to work with.

True to form...they had it.

They were quite good and featured here-to-fore unknown
maps and photographs from one of Henry Joy's
many trips across the Lincoln.

Having seen hundreds of them by now,
they were pretty much all the same,
with a few variations.

I quickly scanned the articles
looking for anything new or exciting.

The first one started out
pretty much as your normal travel piece.

Then I stopped dead in my tracks.

I couldn't believe it...there is was.

"The Smoking Gun."

I wasn't the ONLY one who had noticed!!!

Newton A. Fuessle
Travel Magazine
February 1915
Page 26.

Warmest Regards,


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