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Number 016
A Date with Destiny...
April 23, 2003

Dear Friends,

One day in 1986 I was speaking with a friend,
and she said have you ever met F. W. Biehl.

Apparently, he was the local guru
who lived in a big old house on the Lincoln Highway.

At the time I knew of neither,
and didn't think much of it.

She indicated I should make the effort,
but at the time I wasn't in the habit of
knocking on a strangers door and saying.
"Hi, I'm..."

I filed it way for another day and that was that.

Then one day I was standing in front of the Coin Shop,
also on the Old Lincoln Highway
when a friend pulled up in his pick-up truck.

He asked if I wanted to go for a ride...

When we got to the first light,
I figured that was it and went for the door.

He stopped me saying he had a roofing job to bid on
and did I want to come along.

As we continued our journey,
I didn't think much of it,
but then he slowed and put on his turn signal.

I couldn't believe it ...
The quote was at 452 Harding Way West
aka, 452 Old Lincoln Way West...
Fred Biehl's house.

Ah ha, so this is how it was to unfold...

That's his father,
also F. W. Biehl in front of the house
in the 1930's.

Turns out he was Mayor of Galion from 1915-1919
and was very supportive of The Lincoln Highway in Galion.

His campaign motto:
"Each for the other, and all for our city"

His father-in-law was Galion's first dentist
and was in Gettysburg on November 19, 1863
to hear President Lincoln give a few appropriate remarks,
aka, The Gettysburg Address.

More on this later.

In any event,
we knocked on the door and Fred came to greet us.

He was a sight to be seen...

Most certainly not the dapper young man in this photo.

His clothes were old and tattered,
he too wore a rope for belt,
had a cap with flaps that pulled down over his ears
and his nose was running rather profusely.

My friend went up on the roof to inspect things,
so I introduced myself.

We talked for a while,
then parted with the knowledge that we would meet again.

Many years later after he passed away,
I ran across this invoice in some of his things.

"Hard to believe, but one thousand percent true."

Warmest Regards,


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