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Number 013
Bombay Oyster
April 23, 2003

Dear Friends,

Many times after I send an email,
I get another idea and say,
"Boy I shoulda done it that way."

Most of the time,
I let go, forget about it and move on
like water over the dam.

In this case however,
it was just too good to pass up.

As I reread the story of Frank Goldsmith
and his
"Night to Remember"
it struck me that perhaps
just this one time it might be appropriate.

So gather round ladies...

One particular day,
a mate was telling of his travels in the Indian Ocean
when he spied Frankie.

"He stopped talking and pointed his finger at me and said,
'Fellows, if little Fankie is going to be here listening to these stories
I'm telling, hed better be a sailor, hadn't he?'"

The others agreed,
so the seaman rounded on the boy again saying,
"Frankie, are you willin'?"

The boy hesitated for a moment before replying,
"Yes of course."

The sailor then told him,
"All right then,
you'll have to drink a Bombay Oyster."

A Bombay Oyster is a water glass two-thirds full of water,
with a little vinegar and an egg yolk floating on top.

Now, Frankie" the man said,
"You'll have to drink that and swallow that egg yolk
without breaking it."

"And so I did," Goldsmith recalls,
"Hard to believe, but one thousand percent true."

While in this case,
you won't have to drink a Bombay Oyster,
but you do have to be willin.

The choice is yours...

Warmest Regards,


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