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Number 012
A Night to Remember
April 21, 2003

Dear Friends,

Were almost home...

Just a few more things to cover before we move on...
While going through the material,
I ran across a story I wrote long ago called:
"A Night to Remember"

It was originally written
as a spec piece for
People Magazine.

Got their initial approval,
and sent it in,
but somehow it got lost
between the mailroom and the editors desk.

By then it was too late.

Oh well...

Since President Lincoln died on April 15th,
thought you might enjoy it.

Have always been interested in the Titanic,
and one day I found out Frank lived just 20 miles away.

Wild horses couldn't have kept me away...

I called him up,
and he said come on over.

Turns out he and his wife
were getting ready to move to Florida,
so things were kinda crazy,
but we had a lovely conversation.

I went home that night all excited
and developed the film.

Oh, boy...

So I called with the bad news.

He said come on over and do a reshoot.

He was all too familiar with the problem,
since he too was a freelance photographer.

After the shoot,
he said they were having a garage sale,
so why not come out and see if there was anything
I couldn't live without.

I bought his personal copy of Photos by Karsh,
and he gave me a signed self-portrait
taken back in 1953.

That's it in the lower right corner of the second page.

We should all have film go bad more often.

Warmest Regards,


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