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Number 011
Rough Road to Hoe...
April 21, 2003

Dear Friends,

After graduation...

That's Me and "Uncle Phil" aka, President Shriver
on the big day.

One of the few shots taken that day
courtesy of Miami Audio Visual Department.

The plan was to begin work with CBS Records in Cincinnati.

Then right at the last minute the branch manager
got transferred and a new guy took over.

Think his name was Chip.

Guess that pretty much answers that...

So it was of to work I go...freelancing.

This was a nice color shot...$50.00.

The Year after Susan Perkins won Miss America,
Sher Patrick became Miss Ohio.

We became good friends,
and I became her official photographer.

Here she is...well almost.

3rd runner up.

She was the first to do a traditional middle eastern dance
aka, Belly Dance at the Miss America Pageant.

Here she is later that year center stage in the Horseshoe,
aka, Ohio Stadium with 90,000 fans cheering her on
for a football half-time show.

Still holding her crown as Miss Ohio,
the next year was full of excitement and lots of photo ops.

This elderly gentleman made her a custom handkerchief,
so she paid him an unexpected visit
at the Masonic Home in Springfield.

Have thousands of shots of Sher.

In 79 went to Muirfield with her and got to meet,
President Ford, Woody Hayes, and Gov Rhodes.

Don't have the group shot available,
but here's his golf bag.

Went back in 1980 and he signed it for me.

Here's Woody deep in contemplation with a copy of his book
"A Time to Heal".

Even went to Bob Hope's birthday party in New York once
as part of her USO work.

Once you get the Miss America Bug,
its hard habit to break.

This is Kylene Barker,
Miss America 1979
She won instead of Sher.

They got along wonderful and were part of
the USO Show I spoke of.

Note the inscription on the

The Next Year I shot the Miss Ohio Pageant for UPI.

The UPI Staffer out of Columbus
was a big woman's libber
and refused to shoot it.

That year Cheryl Pruit won....

Then in late 1980,
UPI called and need some help.

President Carter and Candidate Reagan
were to be in Columbus on the same day.

I was stationed at the State House,
covering the rally for Mr. Reagan.

After his speech,
He and Nancy began "Pressing the Flesh"
and walked toward the Neil House Hotel
for a scheduled Press Conference.

At first I didn't think much of it,
but soon realized they were coming right at me.

Big dilemma...

What to do?
What to do?

Shake his hand or get the shot?

In April of 2000 for the Opening of the Museum,
President Reagan was the only former president
to send a wreath in honor of Mr. Lincoln.

Both President Carter and Ford
sent their best wishes via note and phone.

Then after two years,
even with all the of fun and excitement,
reality began to set in...

Warmest Regards,

Forgot this nice feature on Weeb Eubank...

You remember him...Joe Namuth,
Baltimore Colts, Super Bowl Ring.
The shot on the lower right is one of my favorite,
pretty much says it all.


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