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Number 010
Once Around the Block...
April 20, 2003

Dear Friends,

Like I said,
being Head Photographer,
had it advantages.

Needless to say,
I got around.

Since I don't have all my shots with me
will have to go with a few copies
made for a book I wrote.

But then that's another story...

From 75 to 78 did,
3 Derby's,
1 Preakness,
2 Indy's,
Evil Knevil's 13 Bus Jump
to name a few.

Got this shot of Telly at the Derby one year.

"Who Loves ya Baby..."

That year got to met John Wayne
and Ron Eliy, aka Tarzan.

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah....

In 78 did the NCAA Tournament for
The Miami Student
the year Miami upset the defending champions Marquette.

You might remember Randy Ayers,
former Ohio State Basketball Coach was on that team.

Cincinnati was only an hours drive away and
there was a lot going on down there.

Just before graduation,
the Reds were looking for a Staff Photographer.

The called Miami Sports information
and lo and behold my name came up.

Seems the Cigars had made quite an impression.

I went down for the interview,
but turned them down.

Let's see...
75 and 76 World Champions,
full run of the Club House & Ball Park,
no away games,
and $50.00 per game.

Probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done.

In any event,
when it came time for Pete's 3000 Hit,
they needed a "Real Professional"

To this day,
still don't know why they called me...

In addition to Baseball,
Cincinnati was a booming Concert center
and I took full advantage of it.

Between 77 and 79 there were hundreds of shows.

You name em, I shot em...

Kiss, Aerosmith, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson,
Leon Russell, Johnny Mathis, Karla Bonoff,
Jackson Browne, Andy Pratt, Boston,
Meatloaf, Four Tops, Engelbert Humperdink,
Styx, Jethro Tull, CSN, Dolly Parton,
Foriener, AWB, Wild Cherry, Fleetwood Mac,
BB King, England Dan and John Ford Coley,
Seals and Crofts, Linda Ronstat,
Billy Joel, Kenny Rankin, Livingson Tayor,
Bee Gees, Barry Manalow, Neil Diamond, Bob Hope,
Glen Campbell, Emmy Lou Harris,
ELO, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross,
Moody Blues, ELP, Steve Martin, etc, etc, etc.

These are some of the highlights
I can put my finger on right now.

This was the first of many with "The Boss".

One time in Indianapolis,
they went to a strip club after the show.

No photos here please...

Seems they had been there earlier in the day
and asked a few of the girls to come over to see the show.

During the encore they came on stage and danced,
with their clothes on.

Plenty of shots here...

Turned out to be my first photo in Playboy

Go ahead, look it up in the
Playboy Index.

Look under Craig Harmon and there I are plain as day.

This was the first of three shots.

The Pay...$200.00 each

Not long after that,
I saw him again back stage at a show in Cincinnati.

He goes, "Hey Craig..."
much to the surprise the locals.

Then there was Tom...yum, yum.

Hard to believe.

This was the second...

April 1980

Then there was David Crosby...

He liked this one so much he ordered one for himself.

This was the first of several concerts with him.

First with Crosby & Nash
and then CSN.

Then Steve.
Who could ever forget this..."Wild and Crazy Guy."

Diana Ross...

and Willie...

Then perhaps my favorite...Leon Russell.

This was quite a night.

Shortly before I took this shot,
Leon took off his hat and I passed it to
one of the fans in the front row.

There was a "No Mans Land" for Photographers
so it made it difficult for him to make the connection.

the fellow asked me to send him a few shots.

Like I said,
this was one of my favorite shots.

Years pass and one day I thought,
"I wonder what happened to the guy with Leon's Hat?"

Then in June of 2001 I get this via Email.

Hard to believe...

Hi Craig,

I met you at a Willie Nelson & Leon Russell concert in Cincinnati back
in 1979. Old Leon handed me his hat during the show and you got a
before and after picture of old Leon -hat & hatless. Leon and Willie
put out a album some months later and the hat showed up on the cover.
Those picture have hung around my different homes for 22 years now and
unfortunately the sun has taken its toll on the images. They developed
what looks like copper spots, anyway I'm sure you know where this is
leading - is it possible to get new copies? I still have the hat and I
hope that wasn't my 15 minutes but the pictures always leads to a good story.



You have the right Guy, alright...

What a "Blast from the Past"!!

The Strangest thing...

I was thinking about you just yesterday.

Wondered what ever became of you.

Those were the "Good Ole Days" no doubt about that.

The spotting has happened to several photos done back then...

In our youth, we never give much thought to 30 years down the road. It would
seem the Photos didn't sit in the fixer long enough and time has taken its toll.

I'm sure the negs are still around, will have to dig through some stuff and
see what I come up with.

That was quite a night, always considered the shots of Leon and Wille some
of my best.

I'm curious how you found me???

Not everyday you get a message like this...

I'm pleased you wrote, completes a circle for me.
One of those long lost connections that needed to be made.

Have you been to my website??

Strange the paths we take...

Will let you know how I make out...

Warmest Regards,


Hey Alright, Craig,
Glad your out there!!! I found you by typing your name into the web and
clicking on the "Buckeye Ramblings" site, you had a name link. I did see the
"highway" site also , that trip in the fire truck sounds like it must have been
a great time.

I tried to find you about 10 years ago using the phone number on the back of the
photographs but didn't have any luck (pre internet). I was cleaning the frames
today and was worried that the images were getting worse and decided to take
them out and scan them before they were gone, then I thought "the internet" and
well you got to love it!!! I found ya!!!

It looks like you are in the same town that is stamped on the back of the
pictures although I'm not sure where Galion is in relationship to Cinci, I left
Kentucky about 12 years ago but do get back every so often.
Hope the years have been good to you.

I also hope you find the negatives.

Thanks for writing back!!!!


Warmest Regards,


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