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Number 007
April 20, 2003

Dear Friends,

In 1978,
I was the Head Photographer for
The Miami Student.

It was my Senior Year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

One of the nice things about being Head Photographer is
you get all the plum assignments.

One such assignment was
The Miss America Pageant
in Atlantic City.

Miss Ohio was from Miami,
so it seemed the logical thing to.

It was a hair raising adventure to say the least.

My assistant and I drove all night to get there in time.

50 miles outside of Atlantic City
a woman driving a Ford LTD Station Wagon
crashed into the passengers side
of our Datsun B-210.

Not much of a match I can assure you.
I was OK but John went to the hospital
with minor bumps and bruises.

Many hours later we had rental car and were back on the road again.
When we finally arrived a little shaken,
it was almost time for the big show.

Not in our wildest dreams did we ever figure she'd win.

"There she is...Miss America 1978, Susan Perkins"
aka...Miss Miami 1976.

You might note the nice photo credit in the center.

The shot on the upper right is one of my all time favorites.

It's a little dark since this is a copy of the print,
but I think you get the picture.

I loved that star cross filter...

Anytime a star shot showed up in the newsroom,
everybody said, "Oh that's Harmon."

And so that's how I became known as the starman.

Later it would become my signature...

Warmest Regards,


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