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Number 005
Twenty Days
April 20, 2003

Dear Friends,

So why 20 Days??

Well, that's the time between
April 15 when President Lincoln died
and May 4th when he was finally laid to rest in
his beloved home of Springfield, Illinois.

The Lincoln Funeral
"The Great Funeral Cortege"
as it is sometimes called
was the Greatest Funeral in the History
of the United States.

There were 12 Major Funerals and well over a Million
people actually saw the face of the slain Lincoln
as he lie in state during the various funerals.

In 1999,
The White House Millennium Council
"The Great Funeral Cortege-The Lincoln Funeral Train Route"
a Millennium Trail
under the direct the sponsorship of
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives.

In addition to the Lincoln Funeral Train Route,
The Lincoln Highway, The Harding Highway
and the Harding Funeral Train Route were also designated
making the Museum was the largest Sponsor
of Millennium Trials in the Nation.

There are 29 Lincoln Highway towns
that are also on the Lincoln Funeral Train Route.

On April 29, 1985
Mr. Lincoln Passed through Galion, Ohio
on his way to Springfield.

For a map and complete listing of
all 444 towns and cities on the
The Lincoln Funeral Train Route
Click Here

Warmest Regards,


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