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Number 004
Voyage of Discovery
April 18, 2003

Dear Friends,

Hard to believe,
but it's been over 7 years,
since the initial
in the Leesville antique store.

It has been a time of...
Conscious Choices and Defining Moments.

In addition,
it has been full of triumph and adventure,
upheaval and sacrifice,
frustration and despair,
and even a few broken hearts.

It has been a time of deep satisfaction,
but most of all it has been a time of Trust,
and a willingness to venture into the unknown.

As soon as I saw the flyer,
I said, "OK, let's go..."

And from that point on
it has been pretty much nonstop.

There have been a hundred mountains to climb,
each time thinking you had finally made it to the top,
only to discover the path continued on around the bend
to still taller peaks on the horizon.

A thousand times, I have said,
"This is nuts...I'm not going any further."

Then something would happen to push me forward.

Many times I have gone kicking and screaming,
only to find the view quite spectacular.

Who would have thought
you could travel so far on a single sentence.

"You know what you should do now
is make some Lincoln Highway Signs."

Kinda makes you wonder???

How many times have we shrugged off a subtle clue?

Kinda makes you wonder???

How far we could have gone?

Kinda makes you wonder???

How many lives we might have touched?

Kinda makes you wonder???

So, for the next 20 days,
follow me if you will for a thrilling tale of adventure
as we set off into the unknown like Lewis and Clark on a
"Voyage of Discovery on the Lincoln Highway".

Warmest Regards,


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