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Number 003
The Strangest Thing...
April 17, 2003

Dear Friends,

The strangest thing just happened...

As many of you may not know I'm still in California.

The Bay Area to be exact.

Beyond that it's hard to say...

Sometimes I'm down the peninsula
in San Bruno, Palo Alto, or Redwood City.
Then again sometimes I'm in San Francisco,
and sometimes in Oakland or Berkeley.

Needless to say I get around.

Since the firetruck only gets 4 miles to the gallon
and with gas at $2.25 per gallon,
let's see that's .56 cents per mile...

Needless to say,
it's a little brutal to run errands in the firetruck.

Not to mention finding a parking

So the only thing left to do is ride public transportation.

For those of you who've never used public transportation,
it takes a little getting used to,
but once you get it figured out
it's pretty neat.

You can easily travel anywhere within a 20 mile
radius and not walk more than a few blocks to your final destination.

The only bad thing ...
if you miss your bus or BART connection
sometimes it can go exponential.

The end result,
a 15 minute trip just took an hour.

It does however give you plenty of time to relax
and enjoy the view.

That being said,
there are literally hundreds of drivers and conductors
running around in circles all day long.

So establishing a relationship
takes a lot of rides.

So here's the thing...

It was just before 10 PM
and I was on my way to Kinko's
to write the next installment.

I walked to the bus stop
and was standing there patiently
waiting for my ride.

Then on the other side of the street,
maybe 60 feet away in the dead of night
a bus pulled up going the other way.

The driver stopped,
let off his passengers and was on his way
just like a thousand other times.

Only this time he honked and waved...

So I guess the moral of the story is,
when the bus drivers start waving
you know you been there a long time.

Let's see...
July, August, September, October, November, December,
that shoots 2002.

Then...January, February, March and now April.

Oh my god, that's one, two, three...nine months.

Hard to believe...

So what have I been doing all this time???

In a word...


In a phrase...

"Nose to the Grindstone"

The fruits of this labor???

"The Perfect Tribute"

Warmest Regards,


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