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Number 001
Now He Belongs to the Angels...
April 15, 2003

Dear Friends,

At 7:22:10 this morning
One Hundred and Thirty Eight Years ago,
Edward Stanton said,
"Now he belongs to the Angels..."

And with that Abraham Lincoln was gone.
Or was he??
While the Physical Lincoln is gone,
the Spiritual Lincoln lives as an "Eternal Light"
in the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

Speaking of which...
Click Here
for more on
"The Eternal Light"
"The Lincoln Highway"
and the Poems of Carl Sandburg
in a Special Lincoln Birthday Presentation
February 12, 1951.

More Later...
Warmest Regards,

PS. This is a rather large mailing with several more to follow,
if for some reason you don't wish to be a part of
"The Collation of the Willing"
let me know and I'll take you off the list.

On the other hand if you enjoy these mailings,
a comment from time to time keeps the fires burning.

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